About me

My name is Eva Darabos.
I work as a nail designer from 2002 and created my own Nail Academy in 2006.
Hundreds of student were educated by me all over the world.
I regularly make presentations, workshops and courses mostly in Europe.
Beside education i take part in nail competitions time to time and have achieved several excellent results.

I am 12x Hungarian Champion, 2x Swedish Champion, 5x English Champion and  4x Norwegian Champion.
I am 3 times Winner of Winners at Nailympia London, 3 times European Champion in Munich, 2nd winner at World Championship in Dusseldorf.

If i not compete i sit with pleasure on the other side of the competition area – as an international judge and it was a big pleasure for me when i was the Head Judge at Nail Olympic Show in Poland.
I work together with Perfect Nails from 2010, currently i am working as product developer and as marketing content producer where i test and choose the right products and make photos and videos for promotion.
I work in my own Beauty Salon in the center of Budapest. I beleive, salon work is very important , in this way i can offer my experience authentical during my demonstrations and courses.

For me the most important thing is precision. I pay special attention to this during my competitions, salon work, personal trainings and online demonstrations also. Whatever I do, I do it with the knowledge that I want to do it as perfectly as possible.

It is very important for me during my demonstrations to explain, draw, and present everything in detail in order to pass on knowledge that can be used independently in the future. It is essential not only show the given technique and decoration, but also understand their theoretical background and connections, so that the acquired knowledge can be combined, further developed and used with confidence.