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In this video I show you what are the differencies of the builder gels, which equipment you should choose and show you how to make one colored nails, french nails and easy and quick babyboomer.

What can you see in the video?

  • differend type of builder gels
  • gel brushes
  • quick manicure with e-file and manicure drill bits
  • proper nail prearation
  • preparation fluids, base gels
  • form application for square and almond shaped nails
  • sculpting with clear gel and cover gel
  • create apex and even surface
  • create surface with paper files
  • file perfect shape for square and almond shaped nails
  • covering with gel polish
  • make french nails with painting on surface
  • super easy babyboomer with sponge
  • application of rhinestones
  • top gel application

Duration: 2 hours 9 minutes

Recommended for: beginners, advanced nail designers

Snapshots from videos:

After whatching videos we will send you “E-Certificate” in pdf format.

You can find here the list of materials, equiment used in the video after you purchase the course.

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