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This video is the first step in choosing any technical video because it showcases the most important, recurring processes in nail sculpting, which make the work precise yet quick.

Preparation is the phase where the durability of the nails can be significantly increased by eliminating basic mistakes and by properly lifting the skin and cleaning the cuticle and the sidewalls a much more precise result can be achieved.

Form application is the foundation of artificial nails, determining the shape and final look of the nails. There are many tiny rules to consider here to make the process easier and achieve a beautiful result even before filing.

Nail filing is the phase where, with the application of proper techniques, the nails that have been precisely prepared in the previous steps can be effortlessly transformed into perfection in just a few minutes.

What can you see in the video?

  • shorten and shape natural free edge
  • cuticle preparation with e-file and drill bits
  • differences between straight and raised form applications
  • form application for parallel and tapered shapes: square, squoval, almond, modern almond, russian almond, round, coffin, gothic almond, stiletto, pipe, monroe
  • form application for deformated nails
  • how to cut the paper form
  • importancy of diagonal cut
  • shaping free edge for 4 pouplar nail shapes: square, almond, modern almond, coffin
  • filing surface with e-file and paper files for 4 pouplar nail shapes: square, almond, modern almond, coffin
  • small tricks to make your top gel more shiny

Duration: 3 hours 4 minutes

Recommended for: beginners, advanced nail designers

Snapshots from videos:

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