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In this video I show you absolutely winter mood designs, which are very popular among clients not only for christmas but all the winter season. Beautyfully crafted, spectacular patterns, which will enchant your clinets at the same time they are simply implemented and fit into salon work.

I explain all the designs with detailed drawings to make easier following the different steps during painting.

I use general products, what can be found in the salon, such as gel polishes, medium thick, fluid , well-pigmented painting gels, so no need to buy extra products to make them.

What can you see in the video?

  • icy sparkling background
  • how to use vitrage gels to make different shades
  • how to plan the design
  • the rules of shadows
  • create bright areas
  • painting the design, shadowing with gel polish
  • 3D effect and highlights with gel polishes and vitrage gels
  • mixing colors, create uique colors for shadows
  • how to reach 3D effect
  • rules to pick up gel for thin lines, contours
  • rules for dark contours
  • highlights, shiny effect with contours
  • how to make snow effect
  • sugar effect with matt and sparkling version
  • how to hold brush for small, precise details

Duration: 4 hours 59 minutes

Recommended for: beginners, advanced nail designers

Snapshots from videos:

After whatching videos we will send you “E-Certificate” in pdf format within 10 weeks.

You can find here the list of materials, equiment used in the video after you purchase the course.

If you wish to learn how to make these 4 lovely winter mood designs, buy the course now!

Winter wonderland online course - main 2